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Monday, April 4th, 2016
10:40 am
Happy Birthday, Hugo!
Happy 56th, you beautiful man!

Dammit, you forgot Mitzi!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016
3:59 pm
Just the facts, ma'am
I have been silent about this for too long.

So let the record show that, given the opportunity, I would have TAB-verse Mind Palace Victorian Mycroft right there on the table between his precious plum puddings until he begged for mercy.


And I'm not apologizing.
Friday, March 18th, 2016
4:15 pm
Sometimes I really love the internet
To whoever made this, bless you.

Thursday, March 17th, 2016
3:30 pm
2:55 pm
Monday, March 14th, 2016
10:23 am
Footage of a Trump rally?
I can't see the difference.

PS: With deepest apologies to Pink Floyd and Sir Bob Geldof.

PPS: Thanks for ruining one of my favourite albums, Drumpf. Now I'll never hear this song without seeing your face. Assh*ole.

Current Mood: pissed off
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
11:22 am
Friday, February 26th, 2016
2:56 pm
Thursday, February 25th, 2016
2:19 pm
1:09 pm
Thursday, January 14th, 2016
2:03 pm
1:35 pm
Thursday, December 24th, 2015
9:04 am
Too bad he forgot 'goodwill towards men'

MULDER: "The trick is to be specific. To make the wish perfect. That way, everyone is going to benefit. It's going to be a safer world, a happier world. There's going to be food for everyone, freedom for everyone, the end of the tyranny of the powerful over the weak. Am I leaving anything out?"

SCULLY: [doubtful] "It sounds wonderful."

MULDER: "Then what's the problem?"

SCULLY: "Maybe it's the whole point of our lives here, Mulder -- to achieve that. Maybe it's a process that one man shouldn't try and circumvent with a single wish." --The X-Files: "Je Souhaite"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, and here's hoping everyone has a wonderful 2016.

Peace and love,
J.D. Rush
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
10:29 am
I want to party with Wilfred Mott
So glad Mrs. Hudson found someone who would wear the antlers:

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015
11:37 am
At this time of year. . .
Mycroft Holmes is my spirit animal:

Friday, December 11th, 2015
9:22 am
Set 'em up, Joe

Happy 100th birthday to the Chairman of the Board, Ol' Blue Eyes, The Voice (long before that show on NBC). . .Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra. And to celebrate his life and his legacy, I give you a dozen of my favourite Frank performances. Picking only 12 was quite a task, but I think they give a good selection of his amazing talents. Some are solo, some from movies, a few show him performing duets with some of the greatest stars of the 20th century. All of them are pure Frank, and all of them are magical.

Remember folks, it's Frank's world, and we just live in it:

("The Lady is a Tramp")

("Luck be a Lady")

("Fly me to the Moon")

("Summer Wind"--my all time favourite Frank song)

("One For My Baby, One For The Road)

("Guys and Dolls")

(Frank and Sammy Davis Jr "Me and My Shadow")

(Frank and Louis Armstrong "The Birth of the Blues")

(Frank and Bing Crosby "Well Did You Eveh?" from "High Society")

(Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, "Can't We Be Friends?")

(Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin medley)

(Frank and Gene Kelly "Take Me out to the Ballgame")

So thanks for the cheer, Frank. You did it your way, and even when I'm old and grey, I'll feel the way I do today, because you make me feel so young.

J.D. Rush

Current Mood: grateful
Monday, November 9th, 2015
9:02 am
Good times

So, in the past month I've:

1) Taken a dream trip, spending eight fantastic days in Cardiff and London with two of my dearest friends, Michele and Ann.

2) Stood on the deck of the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS.

3) Seen Benedict Cumberbatch live on stage in "Hamlet"

4) Met (and was the lucky recipient of a hug from) Mitch "Don't call me Skinman" Pileggi. *knees are still shaking*


At this point, anything else in my life is just gravy.

I hope everyone out there gets a chance to experience the joy I've felt these last few weeks.


Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
8:50 am
New Sherlock 221B ficlet: Lending a Hand
I know it's been a while since I last posted, but I decided to come out of hibernation to celebrate Michele's birthday. Here's to you, sweetie. It's not much--and it's a bit late--but I hope you like it anyway.

Peace and love,
J.D. Rush

Title: Lending a Hand--a Sherlock 221B
Author: J.D. Rush
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rating: G
Summary: John helps with the bees.
Warnings: Fluff, just pure m/m fluff. If ain't your thing, this ain't your ficlet.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to ACD, Moffat and Gattiss, and BBC1. The bees belong to all of us. Save the bees, everyone!
Author's Note: Happy (belated) birthday, Goddess!

John was helping Sherlock tend his bees. That was hardly headline worthy--unlike the cases they solved once upon a time--but still rare enough to merit mention. It wasn't that John feared the bees. A man who had faced down Afghan insurgents, Moriarty, a phantom hound, the British Government, a (literally) killer ex-wife, and his own mortality untold times is not going to be afraid of a few honeybees.

No, the bees were simply 'Sherlock's thing' and as John usually had his own 'things' to attend to (housework, gardening, shopping, cooking, preventing a certain madman from destroying any of those 'things') the bees were left to Sherlock's loving care.

But occasionally, when he felt like it, or if Sherlock's arthritis was acting up (not that he'd ever admit it, of course) the ex-army doctor would don the protective gear, and wander out among the hives.

As they worked Sherlock did most of the delegating ("Not there, John. Over THERE! Shall I draw you a map?") while John did most of the heavy lifting and grumbling. ("You could always do it yourself, you git.") It was a comfortable routine, one they had long-ago perfected.

Hours passed that way, just another day spent together like so many that had come before, the flowers perfuming the air, and the bees buzzing happily in the breeze.


Current Mood: hopeful
Friday, July 18th, 2014
10:31 am
221b Ficlet for Benedict's Birthday: "Parting Gifts"

Hello boys and girls,

I made a thing for Benedict's birthday!  (I won't be around tomorrow so I have to post it a day early.)  Just a little snippet that's been bouncing around in my head for a bit.  Little nervous--it's been a while since I've written anything--but I hope you like it.

And Ben, if you find this, all the best to you today--and always.

J.D. Rush

TITLE:  Parting Gifts
AUTHOR:  J.D. Rush
FANDOM:  BBC Sherlock
PAIRING:  None, just some harmless fun with the Holmes Boys.
WARNING:  None, unless silly fluff needs a warning.
SUMMARY:  It’s Sherlock’s sixth birthday, and Mycroft has the perfect gift.  A 221B kidlock fic.
DISCLAIMER:  These lovely boys belong to Sir ACD, Lords Moffat and Gatiss, and BBC1.  I’m just playing with them for a while.
AUTHOR’S NOTE:   For the sake of this story, Sherlock’s birthday is in July, not January.  Call it artist license.
DEDICATION: To Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.  Happy Birthday, you beautiful man, and wishing you many, many more!

It had been worth it.

Mowing Mr. Fiedler’s lawn.  Walking Mrs. Butterman’s Yorkies.  Babysitting the Miller twins.  All the hateful legwork.  Saving every cent.  Just for this moment.

“Just give him your old one,” Mummy suggested, but Mycroft was leaving for boarding school soon, and he wanted to give Sherlock something special to remember him by--not just another of his castoffs.

‘It‘s not practical,” Mummy advised, but that was rather the point.  Sherlock had lots of books and clothes and other ‘practical things’.  He needed something frivolous, something childish occasionally.

“It’s so expensive,” Mummy reasoned.  “And he‘ll get bored with it.”  Valid arguments, but Mycroft knew, he knew, this would be different.  He had seen Sherlock’s yearning glances whenever they passed the store, flashes of desire no one else noticed.

But Mycroft always noticed when Sherlock was concerned.

One by one Sherlock unwrapped his gifts, piling up all the practical books and clothes, mumbling each ‘thanks’, until finally the only present left was Mycroft’s.  Impatient little hands ripped away the paper, revealing the sleek new red bicycle.

With a gleeful squeal, Sherlock launched himself into Mycroft’s arms.  “Love you, Mikey!” he exclaimed.  “Come teach me!”

Yes, it had been worth it, Mycroft thinks with a smile, watching proudly as his dear brother takes his first wobbly solo spin around the backyard.


Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
9:07 am
J.D.'s Big Fat Sherlock Fanfic Rec List part 6

Hello everyone,

As Frank Sinatra would sing, "And now, the end is near. . ."  We're down to the last two catagories of my Top 100 Sherlock Fanfiction Rec List, and I saved the best for last:  Kidlock and Retirement.  It seems rather fitting these two should go together--the start of their friendship to their last days together.  All Johnlock, all the time, the way it should always be.




My guilty pleasure.  Sherlock as a child.  Sherlock with a child.  John and Sherlock as the most awesome parents ever.  (Hamish FTW).  Bring ‘em on.

Adventure Of Hamish Watson Holmes by shay_fae
Currently a WIP, however, each chapter pretty much stands on its own within the thread of the story.  A series of oneshots about one very normal child with very unusual parents

Being Good by prettygirllost
Sherlock finds a baby in an alley and can't seem to part with it. Slowly, he and John grow back together with the help of the child.

Child Of Baker Street by Twistermelody
A series of stories and drabbles about the upbringing of Hamish Watson-Holmes

Closed Lips by ellie_hell
Five year old Sherlock and his best friend, John Watson, discover that when kissing is involved, experimenting is the best way to learn. [This one is so sweet, it might give you cavities]

School Boy by eventhorizon
Sometimes, taking care of Sherlock had its benefits.  Currently has a WIP sequel. [Kid-Sherlock’s voice in eventhorizon’s hands is simply magic, and her kid-John is pretty awesome, too.]

Starlight and Fairytales by starrysummernights
Currently a WIP, however each chapter stands on its own within the thread of the series.  The story of John and Sherlock growing up together, facing the trials of school, adolescence, falling in love, and being forced to watch Sherlock's annoying older brother make out with that disgusting Gregory Lestrade. [I love the budding friendship between Sherlock and John, and also the relationship between Sherlock and his big brother.  It's nice to visit a time when they weren't arch-enemies.]


My weakness.  I am a total sucker for these.  Just give me John and Sherlock living together in Sussex and raising bees, and I’m a happy gal.  Some of these are tear-jerkers, so have the Kleenex handy.

A Beginner's Guide To Apiology by victorycandescence
John and Sherlock meet for the first time as old men in Sussex.  [This could have been listed as an AU, but it’s such a lovely take on Sherlock’s retirement years that I put it here instead.  And a word of warning--this one is definitely a three-hankie story.]

Feel The Tide Turning by mistyzeo
A little change of pace—some old school Holmes and Watson for the soul.
The year is 1920: the Great War is over, and Sherlock Holmes has retreated to his cottage in Sussex in search of privacy and quiet. But a mystery is unfolding in the little village of Fulworth, and Holmes can't resist getting involved. Having John Watson at his side during a rare weekend visit is a further temptation, and together they delve into a case of murder and mayhem that threatens the whole town. The reminder of their younger days and the excitement that first brought them together rekindles dormant affection, and long-suffered secrets are reluctantly, inevitably revealed. [Casefic.  Retirementfic.  Friends-to-lovers fic.  These are a few of my favourite things]

New Kind Of Normal by starrysummernights
"You'll get bored." It had been John's only argument when Sherlock mentioned retiring, selling the flat and moving himself and John to the country, leaving it to the next generation of hopeless imbeciles to become consulting detectives and consulting detective's bloggers.

Practical Johnkeeping by what_alchemy
Sherlock predicts nectar flow the same way he deduces a murder, but he harvests the honey like John coddles the dog.

There Will Be Time by akitafallow
There's an old couple in the cottage down the road a ways. The boys of the village love to sneak a visit, when they can--old Dr. Watson is always good for a cup of tea or a spot of mischief, and tells the most fantastic stories. And Mr. Holmes might be a cranky old bugger, but he's a cranky old bugger who blows things up.  And there's always the honey

Through The Clouds Series by mazarin221b
Sherlock takes a remarkably early retirement at 47, and convinces John that a change of pace would do them both good. They buy an old cottage on the South Downs, and exchange their nonstop life in Baker Street for quiet contemplation, bee studies, and book writing.

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